Why Red Dead Redemption 2’s Horse Ball Physics Are A Good Sign

If you haven’t seen Red Dead Redemption 2’s second trailer then I suggest you watch it before continuing to read this article:

If you were paying close attention while watching the new Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer you may have noticed something swinging between that horses legs! Although a minor addition, “sorry horse”, this addition could signal a new change in the development of ‘Triple A’ games.  Up till now horses in video games have really only had smooth areas between their legs which reminds me of the old classic Disney cartoons with their magical smooth area between their legs. Most notably being “The Elder Scrolls Series” & “Metal Gear Solid V” approaches to horses. Of course there are no human balls in sight and I never imagined genitalia would be touched upon in ‘Triple A’ game development anytime soon, however I believe this small glimpse of footage may signal a change. You never know, Rockstar may surprise us yet.

Considering the past media outrage and controversy over the slightest flash of nudity or the implication of a sex scene its no surprise that its taken video games so long to mature to the point where simple nudity isn’t considered a taboo. In the past most notably FOX news reaction to sex in mass effect and Rockstar itself has had its own fair share of controversy with the infamous “Hot Coffee Sex Scene”, in Grand Theft Auto: San Andrea’s. Luckily we now live in a time where if a developer so desires they can put nudity and suggestive scenes into their game freely with relatively little backlash. “Hey that’s what 18+/Adult ratings are for right?!” Only through slowly pushing the boundaries game by game did we get to the point where sex and nudity in video games are not something to be shocked over when murder is completely acceptable. This can be seen in the evolution of Biowares games moving from fully clothed sex in “Dragon Age Origins” to full on nudity in their latest game “Mass Effect Andromeda”. 

So far despite the nudity being more widely seen in video games, genitalia still remains rather a taboo in AAA games. However Rockstar has never been afraid to cause controversy or shock the industry before. Most notably GTA V’s torture sequence, Manhunts brutal violence, sex, drugs, homosexual content in bully and well bullying! The only other high profile developer to touch the subject of genitalia in their video games would be Devolver Digital and their game “Genital Jousting.”

Well after all they are only horse balls but it will be interesting in future to see if any developers are willing to take the next step by incorporating some human balls or *cough* pussy into their games. 

Red Dead Redemption 2 is scheduled to release in spring 2018 for PS4 and Xbox One. 

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