New Naughty Releases 7th July 2018


Hentai Temple:

Hentai Temple is a classic Sliding puzzle game but with a slight Japanese touch … 

You can buy Hentai Temple here.

Spring Of Decadence:

Mysterious girl named Katherine ventured out into the dangerous world alone. She met three men with different personalities during the journey. Some of them were strong, but some were cowardly. What kind of fun experience will Katherine have? Players will experience a unique story after purchasing this game, take risks in a high degree of free world, even make Katherine develop relationships with various male characters at the same time, defeat the Depraved Witch and stop bad guys’ plans. This game is a two dimensional pixel game with four underground cities to be explored by players and takes turn-based battles to defeat opponents. Players may face to some punishment if they lose. This game includes exquisite drawings, a large number of costumes which can be collected via stores or underground cities, and trigger nearly a hundred different events. It will help you relax and have a good time after work.

You can buy Spring Of Decadence here.

School Idol:

School idol – is a story about cute and polite female student from Japan whose name is Haneko. She is a student council member and a secret admirer of the student council’s head – Coco Nobunaga. Our heroine is too shy to get close with cold-blooded and popular Coco, Haneko is just happy to do the same as the head of the student council. One day an accident occurs and Haneko decides to get a grip to outdo the head of the student council so that she will notice her!

You can buy School Idol here.


Once there was an ordinary young woman (a very horny, ordinary young woman) to whom something extraordinary happened. One night during a heated threesome a bizarre accident occurred transforming her into SUPER KINKY, defender of mankind’s naughty pleasures.

You can buy SUPER KINKY here.

Lust For Darkness:

Jonathan Moon receives a letter from his wife who has gone missing a year before. Following information from the message he heads for a secluded mansion where an eldritch, occult ceremony takes place. Gates to another world – the profane, perverse land of Lusst’ghaa are opened. Move in both a Victorian mansion and Lusst’ghaa – an alien dimension filled with otherworldly creatures. Lusst’ghaa used to be similar to our earth until the local beings decided to undergo total degeneration at their own wish. Through experiments they transformed their bodies so that they could never cease to experience carnal delights. Hundreds of years have passed since that metamorphosis and Lusst’ghaa is now a land overgrown with alien vegetation and full of monstrosities squirming in a never ending ecstasy. 

You can buy Lust For Darkness here.

The Wilting Amaranth:

The Wilting Amaranth is a short yuri (GxG) visual novel based on a fairy tale about themes of love, rejection, and finding your place in society. Three women, bound together by the threads of fate, overlap paths within the infamous Witch’s Tower. Each of them, with their own unfortunate circumstances, are merely struggling to live within a society that rejects their true selfs. Can there really be a happy ending when they are going against the very nature of society…?

You can buy The Wilting Amaranth here.


Kuroinu Chapter 3:

The women of this country will gladly use their bodies to diligently serve all men and their respective desires. Dark elves, high elves, halflings, humans! Vult’s rule and domination concludes in the final chapter, with new and old heroines coming together!

You can buy Kuroinu Chapter 3 here.

Nakadashi Banzai 4:

The guy that really loves flirting, raw sex and cumming inside pussies above all else is back yet again! Wander around town without the hot weather stopping you and go pick up a hot chick now! Take her to a hotel! Go fuck her without rubber and come inside her! This time we will be looking at a beautiful chilled out office lady, a tidy and proper married woman and a girl who has a boyfriend!

You can buy Nakadashi Banzai 4 here

Nakadashi Banzai 4 is also available on nutaku.


You can buy Evenicle here


Pocket Fantasy:

If you’re looking for a mixture of Manga and RPG adventure spiced with retro elements, look no further: Established game-play mixed up with never-before-seen elements, an authentic Manga feeling with real voice-overs, paired with music and effects reminiscent of your favorite games from back when – all packed into a single mind-blowing game!

You can play Pocket Fantasy for free here.

Hunie Pop:

After a pathetic attempt to try and pick up Kyu, a magic love fairy in disguise, she decides to take you under her wing and help you out with your crippling inability to meet new women. After a few dating lessons and some sound advice, Kyu sends you out into the world ready to take on the dating world and a wide cast of beautiful babes.

You can buy Hunie Pop here.

HunieCam Studio:

Recruit cam models from an eclectic cast of cuties who have probably made some poor life choices. Manage your girls’ daily errands/activities to keep them stress-free and productive. Invest in various aspects of your business to improve functions and expand operations. Optimize your cam shows by promoting girls who match popular trends/fetishes. Abandon your morals and disappoint everybody who cares about you!

You can buy Hunie Cam Studio here.


Upgrade your ship and improve your piloting skills to protect the Earth… and fend off what lurks in space!

You can buy Aster here.

The Tower Of Five Hearts:

One Royal Family is in charge of upholding the peace for every continent, by marrying off their child to a prospective girl from one of the continents.
It’s more of a contest-five girls trying to be Maids, in the hope that their master (the Prince) will fall in love with them…
However this time, it’s a PRINCESS.

You can buy Tower Of Five Hearts here.

Futanari Quest:

Alongside your bubbly fairy companion, Clit, you’ll fuck, lick and suck your way across the world. You’ll meet plenty of charming characters along the way: strong warrior women, shy princesses, cold-hearted killers and more! Some of the girls you choose to breed with are natural females… But chances are high that you’ll run into a few futanari girls, just like yourself!
Futanari Quest features 4 – 5 hours of gameplay, with plenty of replayability. Challenge yourself to unlock all the scenes in the gallery or seduce all of the monster girls!

You can buy Futanari Quest here.

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