May 2018 Schedule

This list doesn’t include steam games and mod’s which I may cover but am currently unaware of or may be surprise releases. 

Games I am currently working on/playing now include FrostPunk, Metropolis Lux Obscura, Mirror, Together and House Party. I should have videos made on these soon. Also still playing through Funbag Fantasy.

Wild West Online: A wild west game to fill the market gap of RDR2 not releasing on PC? From trailers and hints of what I have seen Wild West Online does feature some adult content so I will be looking into this game when it releases on steam. (May 10th)

Detroit: Become Human: It’s a David Cage game so by now it’s pretty reasonable to expect a random shower scene or some form of nudity. Also I have seen hints of optional kissing options in game play teasers so there may even be some romance in this game. (May 25th)

Agony (Uncensored & Censored Versions): I will be covering both the censored and the uncensored version of Agony. This game got delayed from March to May due to the ESRB and the physical release. The console version will unfortunately censored but I will cover it around (May 29th). Then plan on covering the uncensored PC version once the uncensored patch is released around (May 30th). I might even do a comparison video to highlight the differences.

Other games that may be releasing include The Council Episode 2 and we also plan on covering more indie games this month.


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