My Sweet Waifu Released On Steam

Miracle Gates Entertainment has released My Sweet Waifu on Steam for $2.69/€2.69/£1.88. Currently with a 10% discount.

“My Sweet Waifu is a Chatbot Virtual Waifu game. Mizuki Yuuna as the main character is ready to talk with you, you can ask her anything, you can teach her everything, and make her as your virtual waifu. This is a game that combines Chatbot, Virtual Dating, and simple visual novel elements. If you want to get a more deep relationship, just try to make Her happy. Play mini games at game room and get money to treat her everything and make her more interested with you. How the way you treat her is will drive you to deep relationship and unexpected ending.”


  • Play 2 Challenging Mini Games to get money for treat Mizuki Yuuna- Dynamic chatbot.

  • Create reminder for yours schedule.

  • Music will change depending on her emotion.

You can purchase My Sweet Waifu here.

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