Kingdom Come Deliverance Trophies Reveal Romance Options

The Kingdom Come Deliverance Achievement/Trophy list has been revealed by PSN Profiles and some interesting moments in the game have been revealed when it comes to romance options:

Trophy/Achievement: McLovin 

Description: “Court Theresa” 

We believe this is the peasant girl spotted in the earlier trailers and likely the more humble choice when it comes to picking a romance option.

Trophy/Achievement: Casanova

Description: “Court Lady Stephanie”

Currently we believe she hasn’t be revealed in trailers or artwork yet but considering Kingdom Come Deliverance is sticking to a sense of realism when it comes to a characters social status (Sorry you won’t become a king in this game). We believe that if you can romance Lady Stephanie this may be partially how you obtain a higher social status in the game such as a Knight or an individual with a title. 

Trophy/Achievement: Virgin

Description: “Stay celibate and complete the entire game as a virgin”

If you can resist the urge to romance Theresa or Stephanie throughout your play through then you will bag yourself this trophy. Humorously enough though the “Become A Monk” trophy and “Virgin” trophies are separate from one another.

Currently we don’t know if the listed trophies are the only romance options in the game but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a brothel within the game based on the ESRB rating. For the full trophy/achievement list you can view it here

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