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Kingdom Come Deliverance’s First Nude Mod Released On Nexus Mod’s

Just over a week from the release of Kingdom Come Deliverance and it looks like the modding community has been hard at work delivering the first nude mod for the game. The current nude mod available on the Nexus Mod’s, replaces the default female model with a full naked in game model and removes the […]

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Kingdom Come Deliverance Nude Glitch Discovered

Kingdom Come Deliverance has launched on PS4/Xbox One/PC and with it has come it’s fair share of  bugs and glitches. Humorously though YouTube Creator: D3ATHCHASE has discovered a glitch where Sir Divish decides to walk around his castle of Talmberg without any clothes after saving the village from being invaded… Due to the likelihood of […]

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Kingdom Come Deliverance Trophies Reveal Romance Options

The Kingdom Come Deliverance Achievement/Trophy list has been revealed by PSN Profiles and some interesting moments in the game have been revealed when it comes to romance options: Trophy/Achievement: McLovin  Description: “Court Theresa”  We believe this is the peasant girl spotted in the earlier trailers and likely the more humble choice when it comes to […]

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