March 2018 Schedule

Going to start to do monthly schedules at the end of the month so you have a rough idea on what games I’m covering on a monthly basis or investigating for naughty scenes:

This list doesn’t include steam games and mod’s which I may cover but am currently unaware of or may be surprise releases. 

Super Seducer: This game is basically a real life simulation on how to pick up girls or maybe more realistically the pick up lines you shouldn’t attempt to use in real life. It looks like a fun yet ‘cringey’ game and should be out around (March 6th).

FFXV Royal Edition: I was going to do an updated Luna romance video based on this Royal Edition for Final Fantasy XV which is supposed to add more depth, new cutscenes and scenarios. I’m not 100% sure if it will justify a new video but I will check it out anyway. (March 6th)

A.O.T 2: I know there will be a scene in this worth covering based on the season 2 of the anime’s story but nothing substantial. (March 20th)

A Way Out: Unfortunately the ESRB rating hasn’t been released for this game but based on the intertwining relations of these two characters and it being a story based game I expect some form of scene worth covering. (March 23rd) 

Far Cry 5: Based on the nudity in previous entries of the series and the sex scenes in Far Cry 3/Far Cry Primal there could be more to be found or at least references in this game which I will look into. (March 27th)

Funbag Fantasy Side Boob Story: A visual novel which is a sequel to Funbag Fantasy’s story. I’m not sure if I will be allowed to upload a play through but I will upload the sex scenes and art work. (March 29th)

Agony: I’m not sure if the release date has been confirmed but the release date has been listed for March 31st so I will be covering it around then if it does release. Unfortunately I will have to keep this videos strictly on my website due to YouTube’s ever increasing family friendly approach. I expect a lot of nudity and maybe even sex based off some of the teasers, it is hell after all. (March 31st).

Other games I will be looking into but I’m pretty sure won’t have naughty scenes include:

The Raven, The Council, Sea Of Thieves, Ni No Kuni 2 and Batman Episode 5. 

Also I’m going to start providing external links in the descriptions of videos on my website for videos which are website exclusive due to some complaints I have had. Also plan to start providing torrent links in descriptions for videos on my website if you wish to download the videos instead. 

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