House Party 0.8.3 Text Guide

House Party 0.7.3 Guide


1. Introduce yourself to Frank to get a conversation option with Madison.
2. Introduce yourself to Madison choose “I think I’d like to get to know you a little better” then ask her where the bathroom is then choose the optional dialogue option about frank to increase friendship.
3. Introduce yourself to Ashley choose “You’re Madison’s sister? I never would have guessed” then “I saw Frank checking you out” then “What’s the deal with you and Madison anyway?”
4. Grab the mysterious key it is sitting on the left corner of the fire place beside a white vase.
5. Go upstairs take the first door on your right (master bedroom) and go into the bathroom first door on your left in the bedroom. Madison’s phone will be sitting beside the sink. 
6. Stay upstairs and go to the end of the hallway enter the last room on your left (blue door) you’ll see a bunk bed with a desk underneath it. Grab the yellow pencil that is on the desk. 
7. Enter the room beside it here you will find Brittney, introduce yourself and grab the piece of paper sitting beside the laptop.
8. Return to the master bedroom there is a bedside table in the corner of the room with a mirror, on the desk is a gastronomy book use it with the paper then use the paper with the pencil. Now grab the paper this will give you the passcode to Madison’s safe.
9. Stay in the master bedroom go to the bedroom closet and you will see the safe. Open it and grab Madison’s diary but make sure no one else is in the room.
10. Return to Madison and give her back her phone. Talk to her about Brittney then give her back her phone.
11. Ask Madison for a reward and agree to prank Ashley make sure Ashley isn’t in the room to over hear your plans. 
12. Go to Ashley and offer to help her she will need something to dry off. Compliment Ashley about her being cute even though she is wet. 
13. Go to the downstairs bathroom (behind the fridge and grab the towel.) Then give the towel to Ashley. Offer to wash her clothes.
14. She will want Madison’s diary so she will trust you, give her the diary you obtained earlier.
15. Now Ashley will agree for you to wash her clothes. Follow her to the room with the bunk bed and accept her clothes. 
16. Ask her if she needs anything and she will ask you to get a soda.
17. Go back to the master bedroom and go into the closet there will be a white bottle of eye drops sitting on one of the bottom shelves (right beside the closet doorway) grab it. 
18. Go downstairs and grab the soda from the fridge you may need to use the hand with (CTRL) to move items in the fridge around. Open your inventory and use the soda with the eye drops.
19. Stay in the kitchen and grab the bathroom skeleton key. It is sitting beside the stove between a green and blue plate opposite a white socket. 
20. Lock the downstairs bathroom, go upstairs and lock the bathroom in the master bedroom or lock the door to the master bedroom. (I found locking the master bedroom can sometimes glitch the quest for me.) Finally lock the bathroom beside the room Ashley is waiting in.
21. Give Ashley the tampered soda and she will start to feel sick. She will now be forced to run downstairs and will be exposed nude to the party guests.
22. Talk to Madison to receive your reward. 

Ashley – (Continuing on from step 16 of the Madison Guide)

1. Take Ashley’s clothes and put them in the washing machine (laundry room is opposite the upstairs bathroom). Wait for the washing machine to finish.
2. In the meantime go downstairs open the fridge and grab a soda. Return to Ashley and give it to her.
3. When the washing machine has finally stopped open it and put the wet clothes into the dryer. Wait for the dryer to finish.
4. Finally open the dryer and return the clothes to Ashley. 
5. Talk to Ashley and she will now agree to give you a “reward”.

Madison Blackmail – (Continuing on from step 9 of the Madison Guide)

  1. Go to Ashley and say “I can see the resemblance between you and Madison” this will annoy her but will hint at blackmailing Ashley.
  2. Select to give the Madison’s phone to Ashley and say “maybe it is her phone”. Agree with Ashley to prank Madison. (Make sure Madison isn’t in the room).
  3. Give Madison’s diary to Ashley and you will get the passcode to Madison’s phone.
  4. Open your inventory and inspect Madison’s phone. Click images look through them then click the emails icon to send the pictures to yourself.
  5. Return Madison’s phone then talk to her about the pictures. (You can now black mail her).
  6. Follow Madison to the master bedroom and lock the door with the mysterious key.
  7. You can now talk to Madison to get your reward.


1. Introduce yourself to Stephanie (blue dress & dancing beside fireplace.)
2. Grab the mysterious key it is sitting on the left corner on top of the fire place.
3. Introduce yourself to Katherine select “we use need out of intended purpose.” Then “I noticed you looking at your phone” then “who would ever be a♥♥♥♥♥♥to you.” Then ask her about Stephanie. Then select “I could use a drink”. 
4. Talk to Frank say you’re not drunk. Ask him about guarding the alcohol all night then ask him about Katherine. 
5. Talk to Katherine ask her what drinks she likes then say Frank is guarding the alcohol. Then say Frank fancies her.
6. Talk to Frank again about Katherine and strike a deal.
7. Go upstairs to the master bedroom (first door on right at the top of the stairs) on the dresser in the corner of the room, the camera is sitting on a desk beside the mirror/book. 
8. Go to the upstairs room where you’ll find Brittney, on the desk beside the laptop close to the pen/calculator is an SD card. Open your inventory and use the camera with the SD card.
9. Go downstairs and go to the garage which can be accessed from the kitchen. Behind an orange tub of bolts is a cell phone jammer. (You may or may not need this.)
10. Either open your inventory to turn on the cell phone jammer to get Katherine to move or keep walking into her to make her move to a room with no people in it. 
11. Tell Katherine that Frank wants a nude pic. Talk to her about getting a pic now, get her take her top off, then her bra but (DO NOT ASK HER TO GO FULLY NUDE). Get her to pose.
12. Open your inventory select the camera and take a pic. Then tell Katherine to relax.
13. Return to where Frank is, in the cabinet with all the alcohol (right hand side of Frank’s chair) there should be an empty bottle of vodka inspect it then ask Frank about it. He will agree to give it to you and you can now take it from the cabinet.
14. Give Frank the camera and he will let you take one alcoholic item from the cabinet. Take the rum.
15. Return to Katherine and give her the rum.
16. She will now want you to strip nude in front of everyone to get on her good side. Press y then remove all your clothes and walk around the house to get a reaction from everyone including Katherine. Once you have exposed yourself to everyone return to Katherine and talk to her.
17. Katherine will now agree to sleep with you, grab the salami (sausage) from the fridge and fill up the empty vodka bottle with water from the sink faucet.
18. Follow Katherine to the master bedroom, lock the door, give her the sausage and water.
19. She may want you to leave the room so walk in and out of the master bedroom bathroom.
20. Then success you can take your reward. 


1. Introduce yourself to Madison.
2. Introduce yourself to Rachel say “Nice to meet you” then “talk about Madison” then say “it’s a video game. Then select “are you enjoying the party” then “let me talk to Frank”.
3. Introduce yourself to Frank then ask him about stealing from Rachel. Offer to check the thermos but you’ll have to earn Frank’s trust.
4. Open the fridge and grab the coffee.
5. Open the pantry closet beside the fridge and you will see a kettle. Open the hand option with (CTRL) grab the kettle and place it on the largest ring on top of the stove. (two rings). Use coffee with the kettle and turn on the stove.
6. While waiting for the coffee grab all the alcohol in the house to give to Frank. 
7. In the same room with Frank there is one natty lite behind a single chair beside the window. Grab it. 
8. Go to the room Stephanie is in. On shelves on top of the fireplace there are speakers either side, look behind the speaker on the right side. A natty lite will be hidden behind it, grab it.
9. Go to the garage (accessed from the kitchen) a natty lite will be on a shelf beside a blue box, grab it.
10. Go upstairs, if you see Patrick on the way upstairs talk to him and ask what you can do to help.
11. In the master bedroom there is a high shelf beside the bathroom door with a natty lite sitting on it.
12. Go into the master bedroom bathroom and close the bathroom door behind you, on a shelf behind the door you will see painkillers sitting on a shelf. (Above a basket).
13. About now you may hear the kettle whistling, don’t worry about it for now. Go to the upstairs bathroom opposite the laundry room. You will see a basket beside the sink, pull it down with the hand option (CTRL). You will see another natty lite grab it.
14. Go to the room Brittney is in, underneath the desk with the laptop you will see a natty lite sitting on the floor grab it.
15. Go downstairs turn off the stove and use the empty cup with the kettle to get hot coffee. (You get the empty cup automatically for putting the coffee into the kettle).
16. Find Patrick and give him the painkillers. Ask him about returning the favour and ask him for his phone, he left his phone with Brittney in the upstairs laptop room.
17. Introduce yourself to Brittney and ask about Patrick’s phone, she won’t give it to you. 
18. Go back to Patrick and ask him to get his phone off Brittney, follow him up to Brittney or don’t either way you’ll have to talk to him about being too drunk.
19. Talk to Patrick about Frank and his bottle wine. Tell Frank about Patrick and Frank will beat him up. Patrick will drop his bottle of wine. Use the hand option (CTRL) to pick up the wine and take it to a room Frank isn’t in then pick up the wine.
20. Give all of your natty lite’s to Frank and talk to him about sniffing the thermos. Sniff the silver thermos sitting in the cabinet with the alcohol then talk to Frank again say it has water inside it. Frank will now let you take the thermos. 
21. Tell Patrick that the hot coffee is Irish coffee then give him the hot coffee he’ll slowly become sober over time which you’ll have to wait for.
22. In the meantime give Rachel back her thermos, “tell her you’re not scared of Frank look at these bi ceps”. Make sure Frank isn’t nearby when you say that.
23. Ask Rachel why she seems nervous then “trust me” then “that’s awesome”. Ask Rachel for her phone number.
24. Patrick should return to you soon about being sober ask him to get his phone from Brittney again. Now Patrick will give you his phone.
25. Ask Madison about getting Vickie’s number, you will need to prank Ashley by untying her top for Madison to give it to you. (If Ashley is naked then you will need to clean and dry her clothes then give them back to her.)
26. Stand behind Ashley and untie her top when Madison is in the room (You can say to Madison that, Ashley wants to talk to you if you introduced yourself to Ashley). Now Madison will give you Vickie’s number.
27. Talk to Katherine about hacking phones and sending spoofed text messages. Give Katherine Patrick’s phone then follow Katherine to the room with a laptop.
28. (Recommend saving here due to errors).
29. Choose to send the text messages to Rachel then from Vickie.
30. Select the spoofed messages in this order: 1. Ask to fake text “tell cute guy about wet dream”, then wait for Rachel to come talk to you 2. Ask her to fake text “take your shirt off”, wait for it to happen. 3. The internet will go down. The router is on the top left shelf of the cupboard in the Study. Turn it off and on again. Katherine will then say the internet is back up.
31. Spoof text again: 1. Ask her to fake text “flash the cute guy”, find Rachel and follow her outside. When she talks to you, ask “how her friend knows you”. 2. Ask her to fake text “dance in your bikini”, wait for Rachel to finish dancing (60 seconds) 3. Ask her to fake text “get naked for cute guy for 30 secs”, Find Rachel and follow her outside.
32. Ask Katherine to fake text “get naked and touch herself”, go hide in the closet (empty room upstairs) in the spare room (or don’t). Just don’t leave the closet when she is doing it. 
33. Finally, ask her to fake text “bang the cute guy”, and follow Rachel to the Master Bedroom.
34. Lock the Master Bedroom Door. Talk to Rachel and success.

Vickie & Stephanie (Continuing on from step 27 of the Rachel Guide)

1. Talk to Katherine, Choose to send the message to Vickie (The number Madison gave you.) then from Rachel. Choose the option to get Vickie to come to the party.
2. Vickie will appear in the back garden talk to her say “you must be Vickie” then “Rachel told me” then “Good Girls”. Talk to Vickie about making friends then “can I practice on you?” Select any options it doesn’t matter. Now the redemption quest with Ashley is available (you undid her top).
3. Talk to Ashley and apologise. Don’t mention Madison.
4. Go outside on the left you will see some plants, pick the red flower.
5. Go upstairs to the master bedroom bathroom, you will see a blue tube of dye beside the sink, grab it. Open your inventory and use it with the red flower.
6. Give the blue flower to Ashley.
7. Talk to Derek about Ashley and you will find out she is a stoner.
8. Talk to Frank about drugs and he will offer to sell you some pot from 50 bucks. 
9. Grab the whipped cream from the fridge hidden behind some food items use the hand option (CTRL) to move them about. 
10. Go to the upstairs laundry room, open the closet and grab the chardonnay from the top closet shelf.
11. Patrick has a bottle of merlot (wine) you can get it by getting Frank to beat up Patrick, you need to talk to Patrick about his wine first. When Patrick drops the wine use the hand option (CTRL) move the wine to another room and pick it up so Frank doesn’t see you.
12. Talk to Stephanie just be nice and agree with her about how awesome Whip it’s are, ask what the f a whip it is.
(Please refer to the Stephanie & Brittney section if you are having problems with Stephanie). 
13. Give her the whipped cream.
14. Introduce yourself to Katherine to get a dialogue option with Stephanie. 
15. Give the chardonnay and merlot to Stephanie.
16. There is temperature monitor in the kitchen on a wall beside the garage door tamper with it. 
17. Ask Stephanie to take her top off then compliment her dancing. Then ask her about dealing with her “situation”. She’ll do it for $50, you will need to shake your mouse around up and down or side to side to increase her gage bar when you are doing it.
18. When finished she will give you $50 go to Frank and get the pot.
(Stephanie’s route has now been completed.) 
19. Go upstairs to the laptop room with Brittney and grab the piece of paper. Use the paper with the pot.
20. Go outside to the fire pit to light the pot and give it to Ashley.
21. Return to Vickie and she will tell you to follow her to the hot tub.
22. Let Vickie get in first and she will strip/sit down.
23. Use Y to take off all your clothes, look at the edge of the hot tub to select sit down.
24. Talk to Vickie/Or she will talk about your next steps. Ask her about her nipple piercings. She will test your endurance then will talk to you again. Your too excited and will need to improve your performance if you are going to romance Vickie. 
25. Go talk to Frank about getting more alcohol, unfortunately though he wont give up anymore booze so its time to kick his♥♥♥♥♥
26. Go talk to Amy and say nice to meet you.
27. Talk to Derek and ask him about Amy.
28. Go talk to Amy about her favourite band then say you don’t know a whole lot about them. (Not the Jared Leto option). 
29. Ask Derek to beat up Frank he will initially refuse. 
30. You should be able to ask Amy about Derek this will unlock the “Derek Smash quest”.
30. Go talk to Derek about his brother. (If he overheard you and Amy talking you’ll save time by not having to talk to him).
31. Go ask Frank about Derek’s brother while Derek isn’t in the room.
32. (Save your game here cause things now get tricky). 
33. Go to Derek and tell him that Frank supplied drugs to his brother.
34. Derek will confront Frank. However he will be knocked out by Frank, wait for Derek to get up and he will say that he needs help beating up Frank. Go talk to Patrick and ask for his help however he won’t do it unless he gets a drink.
35. Go upstairs to the laptop room (where Brittney was). Open the draws on the desk below the laptop, in one there will be a flask grab it and give it to Rachel to fill it up with her thermos. (You need to follow the Rachel guide to make sure she got her thermos back from Frank). Then give the flask to Patrick and tell Derek/Patrick that they are ready to fight. It will take a lot of punches to take Frank down but once he has been knocked out he isn’t getting back up. 
36. Go to Frank’s cabinet and grab all the alcohol! Drink two alcoholic drinks to improve your endurance.
37. By this stage you should of either previously romanced Katherine or Madison. (See previous sections of this guide if you haven’t) You will need to keep “doing it” with Katherine or Madison about 6 or 7 times till you get a bubble saying your endurance has improved.
(Save your game here due to glitches) 
38. Go back to Vickie strip off, sit down in the hot tub and get her to test your endurance again.
39. She will be impressed and will ask you how you dealt with Frank. Say you needed some help and she will appreciate your honesty.
40. She will bend over in front of you and you can now take her panties off.
41. Success you have romanced Vickie and this is the end of the story so far. 

Stephanie & Brittney 

Stephanie Part 1:
1. Briefly introduce yourself to Katherine & Madison.
2. Go to Stephanie (Blue dress dancing near fireplace).
3. Say hello then ask her about Katherine & Madison. Just be nice and agree with her that whip it’s are cool, also ask her what the ** a whip it is. 
4. Go to the fridge and open it. Use “CTRL” to get the hand function and move items around till you see the whipped cream hidden away behind some packets grab it and give it to Stephanie. 
5. Ask her to dance topless she’ll say she needs to work up a sweat. Beside the garage door is a thermostat turn it up.
6. Find Patrick introduce yourself then ask him how he managed to get a bottle of wine with Frank around. 
7. Go tell Frank and Frank will knock out Patrick. Grab the bottle of wine he dropped when Frank has left or use the “CTRL” button to pick it up and carry it to a room Frank isn’t in then pick it up.
8. In the top shelf of the upstairs laundry room cupboard you can find a bottle of chardonnay grab it. Give the wine and the chardonnay to Stephanie. Compliment her dancing but DO NOT say “I can see under your skirt). After you compliment her ask her to go topless and she will strip. 

Brittney Part 1:
1. Brittney is located in the upstairs study room with a laptop. (The last room at the end of the hallway). 
2. Keep talking to her and been nice but do not select the (library card and I didn’t notice your boobs options). 
3. Tell her that Stephanie is dancing downstairs nude and she will go down to join her. 

Stephanie & Brittney:
1. When Brittney has joined Stephanie who should be dancing topless. Ask them both about going outside to the hot tub. (If this option doesn’t appear then you’ll need to do the Amy guide next). 
2. They will refuse to go outside. Take the speaker which is on the right hand side of the fireplace. Go upstairs to the empty room which just a rocking chair, go into the closet and grab the broom.
3. Go outside and look behind the hot tub. You will see a dirt patch place the broom then place the speaker on top then turn it on.
4. Go back inside and turn off the speaker on the left hand side of the fireplace. Quickly tell Stephanie there is music outside and she will head towards the hot tub. Brittney will follow her then ask her about getting into the hot tub and she will strip revealing her USA flag panties. 
(This is the end of their story so far…)


1. Say Hi to Amy, (yellow shirt). Don’t ask her for her number.
2. Go to Derek and ask her about Amy, he will tell you about her favourite band. Go talk to Amy about it but do not select the Jared Leto option.
3. Ask her whats wrong and she will tell you about her scavenger hunt, offer to help. 
4. The first item she will tell you she needs is a credit card, in the room frank is there is a desk with a PC and printer. Open the draw under the printer and grab the credit card then give it to Amy. (Don’t let Madison, Derek or Frank see you.) You can wait for them to leave and get them out of the room by telling Frank to beat Patrick up or the other characters you talked to need them. 
5. Give the credit card to Amy and the next item you need is a condom.
6. Ask Frank for one and he will think you are gay! Go talk to Derek about it and this is where you will have to take a critical choice.
The Gay Path:
Either tell Derek that you are interested in Frank and he will say be honest about your feelings. Go talk to Frank and he will suck you off then give you the condom.
The Straight Path:
Tell Derek that you are not interested in Frank (I haven’t tried it but don’t recommend saying you want to bang Amy). He will tell you that you need to prove to Frank your straight. By this stage hopefully you have already completed either the Ashley, Madison or Katherine guides. Get one of the girls into one of the bathrooms or the master bedroom then lock the door with the keys located on the left hand side of the fireplace and the key located near the sink. Leave the locked room then tell Frank you spotted someone with alcohol and Frank will suggest a sting operation! Agree then quickly run to where you locked your chosen girl in. Close the door behind you but leave the door unlocked for Frank then start doing it with them. When Frank barges in he will see you doing it and will realise you are in fact straight! Go to Frank and he will now give you the condom.
8. Give the condom to Amy and now she will ask for Derek’s shirt. Talk to Derek and say everyone signed a petition asking for him to take his shirt off.
9. Go to the room with the PC look at it and create a petition then look at the printer and print it out. Grab it.
10. Ask everyone to sign it you will need to lie about the petition to some people and tell the truth to others:
Frank: Lie
Patrick: Lie
Madison: Truth
Ashley: Truth
Katherine: Lie
Stephanie: Lie
Rachel: Truth
Brittney: Lie
Amy: Truth
11. Derek will be impressed by the signatures and will give you his top give it to Amy.
12. Now Amy will want two pairs of women’s panties. The only ones I know of so far are obtained from Vickie and Ashley. (Follow the Ashley & Vickie guides). When you take Ashley’s clothes to wash them you will need to ask for her panties as well and you get Vickie’s panties by taking them off before doing it with her. 
13. Give the panties to Amy and next she will need a picture of the american flag.
14. (Follow the Stephanie & Brittney Guide) to get Brittney in the hot tub then take a picture of her panties with the camera from your inventory. The camera can be found in the upstairs master bedroom beside a mirror, the SD card is located where you found Brittney it is sitting beside a laptop. Use the SD card with the camera so you can take the picture. 
(This is the end of the Amy storyline so far…)

Frank (Continuing On From Step 7 Of Amy Guide)

1. Tell Derek that you are interested in Frank and he will say be honest about your feelings. Go talk to Frank about it and say you are interested in him. Then say you are interested in seeing where this goes. 
2. Follow Frank and then he will suck you off.
3. Your reward is a condom.

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