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Yoshiwara Rose Released

Opiumud has released his 19th movie which will become the first chapter of his new trilogy, the story focuses on the famous Japanese Brothels of Yoshiwara. Among the voice acting talent the game features: Marie Rose – voicelikecandy  Kasumi – oolay-tiger Momiji – anorastea  You can download the movie here. To support Opiumud’s future movies visit his patreon.

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Studio FOW’s Next Project Teased

Studio FOW the creators behind many Source Filmmaker deviations such as Kunoichi and The Bioshag Trinity have released a teaser video and artwork for their next project. Titled “Severance” the new project will involve Helena Douglas (Dead Or Alive Series) “A ruthless corporate boss manhandled by mercenaries”. For all of Studio FOW’s movies and updates […]

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